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The Main Rules of the club is Sportsmanship Fun and Safety

1 Seated riding lawnmowers for home use only.

2  Blades Removed.

3 Tethered Disconnect Required.

4 DOT Full Face Helmet, goggles, long sleeve shirts or jacket, approved neck brace,boots , gloves and spine protector recommended.

5 There is a Le mans start. Run to machine start and Go.


Space Coast  Sod Slingers  Rules below:

 Kids  Super Stock 6 inch Engine  4 inch Trans Axle / Transmission Pully. Governed to 4500 rpm 16 inch Max rear wheels. Ages 10 - 16

 Super Stock (Un-governed Single Flat Head and Shift-able Transaxle or transmission only 16 inch max rear wheels

Open Single

Open Twins

Class Rules:

Safety Gear:

1.  Every driver must wear an automobile racing or motorcycle-type full-face helmet approved by the U. S. Department of Transportation or the Snell Foundation.

2.  The helmet must fit snugly and be securely buckled when driver is on the track.

3.  Goggles or a face shield are required. Glasses are not adequate protection.

4.  All drivers must wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, neck brace, full-fingered gloves and leather over the ankle footwear on the track. Chest protectors and other anti-abrasive suits are highly recommended. No loose clothing on the track.

Mower Rules: (Full rule book to follow soon)

1.  Mower must use lawn mower 4-cycle motor.

2.  Must have brakes that work.

3.  Must have a commercially available working tethered kill switch.

4. All throttle return must be double spring on the carburetor.

5.  No sharp or protruding unsafe sheet metal or objects.

6.  Tire choice is open for  Open Classes

7. Bumpers are allowed but not required.

8. Must have a deck.

9.  Must use pump or race fuel, no alcohol or methanol.


Heat Grid

  • Each class except  will pull a ball for initial grid start positions.
  • Heat races will be lined up per Qualification.
  • Heat Races - 10 laps
  • Feature Grid
    • Feature grid may be set by the finish order of heatThe possibility of an invert exists, this will be a race day decision made at the discretion of USLMRA officials on race day.
    • All starts will be “LeMon’s”
    • Feature Races - 20 laps (subject to conditions).
  • Multiple Qualifiers
    • Depending on amount of participation there is the chance we may run multiple qualifiers to pare down the fields for features, this will be a race day decision made at the discretion of SCSS officials on race day. (Everyone will have a chance to race.)
  • Race Day Decisions

    • All race day decisions made at the discretion of SCSS officials will be communicated to the drivers as soon as possible so everyone has as level a playing field as possible.

    For questions concerning these rules, we highly recommend addressing them by email

     You may also contact the designated staff members by e-mail for answers to any questions you may have.

    Let us all remember that we should strive to maintain professionalism in ourappearance and conduct, and we hope to keep participation fun, affordable, safe and competitive. For those who wish to spend time seeking loopholes in the rulebook, or defeat the spirit of the rules; we suggest you are racing in the wrong organization.

    Driver Eligibility

    • Drivers must be 18 years of age. Drivers 10-17 years of age can race with parental permission.
    • All drivers must sign a release discharging the SCSS from liability.

     Mower Eligibility

    • Events are open to all self-propelled rotary or reel style riding lawn mowers.
    • The mower must originally have been designed and sold commercially to mow lawns.
    • It must remain suitable for lawn cutting, apart from the modifications permitted in the Handbook.

    Technical Inspection

    • Every mower entered in any SCSS event must be approved for competition by Technical Inspection.
    • Any mower may be re-inspected at any time by the Chief Steward or Chief Technical Inspector.

     Mower Requirements

    • Non-stock mowers must be equipped with an automatic throttle closing device.
    • All mowers must be equipped with an engine safety cut-off switch.
    • Mower brakes must be in good condition, operating on at least 2 wheels.
    • Fuel must be pump gas. The only additive allowed is STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer.

    Driver Safety Equipment

    • Every driver must wear an automobile racing or motorcycle-type safety helmet.
    • Every driver shall wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and shoes on the track.
    • It is MANDATORY that all drivers wear an “approved for racing” neck support.


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